Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lady Gaga...Born This Way top sales getter! Savvy promo strategy?

Shortly after Lady Gaga strutted out on stage at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in an exotic outfit replete with mysterious mask and black plumage and elegantly alighted next to Dave Letterman, the Pop Diva found herself peppered with a serious of in-depth questions from toothy Dave.

Of particular interest to the late-night host were the Pop Diva's earnings potential (and what comprised those figures).

"I guess you have to tour to make money because there isn't enough to be made in record sales," Dave quizzed at the top of the highly-rated CBS late-night show.

"No, actually I make a lot of money with my records," Lady Gaga gushed excitedly.


In fact, on the night of her appearance on Letterman, the sales for her latest album "Born this Way" were literally soaring into the stratosphere.

As part of a savvy record promotion, the Amazon web site - if you recall - was offering up the latest offering by the Pop Diva for a one-time fee of 99 cents!

The demand was so high for the product, that the portal was overwhelmed - and subsequently - crashed!

Some die-hard fans were crushed when the downloads ended up stalled or incomplete - and, in some cases - contained only one or two playable tunes!

After apologizing profusely, Amazon tried a second shot at the deal of the century, after the site was overhauled to accommodate thousands of  Lady Gaga Monsters anxious to get their copy pronto later in the week!

Needless to say, the endeavour paid off big time!

"Born  this Way" ranked the biggest first-week album in six years (1.11 million in sales).

Previously, 50 Cent sold 1.15 million in 2005.

Some industry analysts attribute the phenomenal success of the album to a round of guest appearances a week prior to the release on sizzling hot shows like Saturday Night Live (featuring Justin Timberlake), American Idol (where she performed a steamy erotic dance number with a sexy male stud), and the ever-popular Good Morning America.

According to Keith Caulfield at Billboard, Lady Gaga is a "true pop superstar, ostensibly the biggest in the past three years. Every single is a hit. Every video is a water-cooler moment. All eyes are on Gaga."

And, where are Lady Gaga's sights set now?

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