Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lady Gaga...child of diversity! Pop Gladiator @ Circus Maximus in Italy!


 Russell Crowe must have been doing a double-take!

At Circus Maximus over the weekend (where studly slaves once savagely battled each other to the death for the blood-thirsty mobs in Ancient Rome) - Pop Gladiator Lady Gaga tossed on a neon Green fright wig atop a chic fashion ensemble - then ceremoniously effected a sensual strut onstage to tout an alternative lifestyle and subculture.

"I'm a child of diversity," the ballsy bitch from hell cried out, just before denouncing intolerance and discrimination against the LGBT community-at-large over gay pride weekend overseas.

On the heels of a roar of approval from fans (and a gang of little monsters, no doubt) the top-selling recording artist of 2011 (at press time!) belted out a few bars of a catchy little ditty fresh off her new release "Born this Way".

For European "gays" - who flocked into the historic landmark - there was no looking back.

Hail, to the ultimate Queen, Lady Gaga!