Friday, June 3, 2011

Las Vegas Cruise...Vintage autos on display! Freemont Street June 3rd - June 4th!

I stepped out of my Hotel at the crack-of-dawn this morning and was treated to an awesome sight - about 50 Vintage autos on display - on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Cruise 2011 was given the nod by City Officials to park curbside, so they tooled in to town to show off their highly-buffed pricey collectibles for a two-day stint from June 3rd - June 4th!

The eye-catching beauties run the gamut - from rakish 1930's coupes - to classic American automobiles such as the Mustang, the Thunderbird, and the ever-popular Chevrolet (fins and all).

A handful of the owners have propped up the hoods, so tourists and locals alike can get an up-close gander at what all the fuss is about!

Quite a few of these exotic rare automobiles feature souped-up engines, a lot of gleaming eye-catching chrome (polished to perfection), and exotic neon colors in canary yellow, tropical turquoise, and fire-engine red!

In addition, a number of the stylish vehicles feature quite a bit of detailing on the body such as two-tone panelling, flame accents, you name it!

Personal favorites include a 1937 Terraplane Pickup (Red), 1932 Ford (3 Window Coupe), 1955 Thunderbird (Turquoise), 1925 Ford Motel T (Red with flame detailing), 1949 Mercury (Rose/Wine high-gloss exterior paint), 1962 Rolls Royce (Silver), 1934 Ford (5 Window Coupe in Silver), 1962 Corvette (Red convertible), 1932 Chevy (White Coupe), 1952 Chevy Belair (Red convertible), 1932 Roadster (Cream & Red flame detailing), 1924 Dodge (Neon Green), 1957 Belair (Wine/Red High-gloss exterior).

See 'ya there!