Thursday, June 2, 2011

Las Vegas...butt-crack cleavage the rage! Fashion Police, please!

Now that pool parties are in vogue, style-setters are upping the stakes when they take a splash in Vegas this summer.

Bodacious babes are tossing on itty-bitty bikini bottoms that expose a lot of titillating "butt cleavage" (a term coined by a local reporter at one of the dailies) to gain a competitive edge in the fleshy marketplace.

Of course, the trend begs the question.

Are Hoteliers going to rustle up the assistance of the Fashion Place to curb the tendency for a few die-hards to go over the deep end?

I recall that last year Abercrombie & Fitch ran into a bit of interference with the Vice squad when they launched a promotion featuring a bevy of beautiful boys with their ass cracks hanging out in plain view.

In spite of the outrage around the country, the retailer prevailed in court, however.

Law enforcements claimed that the ads bordered on the obscene, but an open-minded Judge, tossed the allegations out of court.

Even still, one has to wonder if Management at the local hot spots may be keeping their eye out after midnight when all the hanky-panky goes down around the hot tubs!

Well, they don't call Vegas "Sin City" for no good reason!

If you want to get in on the action, check out spanking-new swank Nikki Beach (Tropicana Hotel) or Encore Beach at the Wynn Hotel.

See 'ya there!