Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Las Vegas...Carolyn Goodman nabs Mayor's seat! Odd behaviour @ after-party!

Today, Carolyn Goodman's supporters are toasting a Martini Monster's wife, for scoring big in her bid for the Mayor's "hot" seat in Las Vegas.

Mrs. Goodman - the better-half of the current head honcho in that coveted high-profile job - beat out her competition with a 60% to 40% edge.

According to Fox News, only 24% of eligible voters turned out to cast a ballot in yesterday's election.

Are desert rats too complacent or simply happy with the status quo?

By the way,  I spied Mrs. Goodman engaged in an odd-bit of party behaviour in one revealing news clip after her delicious victory.

The Mayor-elect actually sniffed the contents of her cocktail cup before slurping down the contents.


What next, a Royal taster?

News at 11!