Monday, June 6, 2011

Las Vegas...Dream Vision Studio to vy for Film & TV work! Nevada's 1st sound stage!

After being stalled for about twenty months, a plan to open the doors to Nevada's first major Film and Television Studio, has finally been given the nod to go foward to the delight of the founders and backers of the illustrious endeavour!

Dream Vision Studios will not only compete for lucrative TV and Film projects - but, also - act in the capacity of a training center for up-and-coming Nevada talent also.

"Now talented creative individuals interested in the business will not have to trek to California to get their skills under their belt," one of the organizers gushed in so many words on a local talk show the other day.

For starters, Management has installed a "green screen" and a "water tank" with an eye towards landing Film & TV productions keen on working in 3-D and nifty special effects.

The founders argued that work previously lost to Louisiana and Georgia - by way of runaway production - is inclined to remain in the State (especially now that there will be tax incentives to the tune of at least twenty-five percent).

Of course, another plus is obvious.

Once the studio is in production and steaming ahead, there will undoubtedly be dozens of new jobs for locals and out-of-towners, alike.

Break a leg, Dream Vision, eh?