Thursday, June 16, 2011

Las Vegas...Hotel security guards abuse guests & violate rights! Losers in monkey suits!

I felt vindicated today when I opened up the "Review Journal" and spied a report on the ongoing abusive and illegal conduct of security guards at a handful of the local Hotels - which has not only spoiled vacations for tourists - but ended up violating their civil rights in the process.

Tattler readers may recall that I have written exposes on these issues in past posts.

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According to the Review Journal reporter, Hotels try to keep the incidents of assault and battery on guests "Hush Hush" to avoid bad publicity and to protect their coveted image in the industry-at-large.

The main problem?

The Hotels are inclined to employ cocky security guards (unqualified losers who failed to make the grade as legitimate Police Officers officers at recognized Law Enforcement Agencies) who daily abuse their power and end up violating the rights of Hotel guests in the process.

The truth of the matter?

The rinky-dink security details (who are under the mistaken impression that they have big-swinging dicks hanging between their legs) are gangs of thugs in monkey suits with deep-rooted psychological problems.

In the Review Journal's expose, it was noted that security footage on file revealed that guests were nabbed without provocation in some instant cases and held without their will for no good reason.

Shocking DVD records in court records also determined - that on more than one occasion - a major Hotel on the Vegas Strip, handcuffed guests and took photographs of the individuals for their files (!) before releasing the shaken patrons with a warning that if they returned to the Casino they would be arrested (for what crime?).

In response, the Hotels in question were forced to face litigation, and settle out-of-court.

One online reader at the Review Journal web site actually had the audacity to allege that so-called "victims" were just opportunists seeking "marks" with deep pockets (big bucks Hotel owners).


I have personally witnessed the abusive - illegal - conduct on the Casino floor at a handful of the local Hotels in the desert oasis.

I always urge victims to sue for damages to deter such heinous conduct in the future.

After all, tourists - and locals alike - are legally entitled to frequent local establishments provided they abide by the house rules and regulations and do not break any laws in the Las Vegas community-at-large!