Saturday, June 11, 2011

LAS VEGAS...Julian Ayrs on-the-town @ BOND! Kendra Wilkinson tonight @ Pure!

Gosh, it seems like Kendra Wilkinson was celebrating her "B" Day in the trendy desert oasis just yesterday.

Is it really time to toast the Vegas beauty once again?

Die-hard fans - and friends alike - will be doing just that tonight at PURE at Caesars Palace on the glitzy Vegas strip.

If you plan on attending the star-studded soiree, then it may be a good idea to trot up to the popular Nightclub early, because the ultra "in" spot will no doubt be pulsating to packed houses tonight.

Last evening Caesars Palace was a mad house - so expect that same tonight in "Sin City" - eh?

If you're unable to crash the event, then take a trek down the crowded boulevard to the "Bond Lounge" (at the Cosmopolitan Hotel) - where a dazzling chic young crowd - is sure to party hearty at the witching hour!

And, if the hunger pangs set in, just saunter over to Henry's Restaurant across the dazzling bar for a bite to eat.

The beef dip I devoured last night at 3 a.m. was just scrumptious!

Meanwhile, fans of pool-playing will be thrilled to hear that one level (or two?) above, there is a cozy billiard room to take advantage of, too

See 'ya there!