Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lily Tomlin...funny lady slated for gig at The Orleans in Vegas! Ernestine callling!

If you're as old as the hills like moi - or inclined to watch a few reruns late at night when the insomnia sets in - then you probably recall the hilarious sketches that Lily Tomlin appeared in on Laugh-In many moons ago.

Her characterizations were hilarious - Ernestine the telephone operator - probably the most memorable.

Now the gal with all the glitzy awards hardware - four Emmys, one Tony, one Grammy and two Peabody Awards - is obviously hankering to kick up her heels and entertain live for her fans on stage once again.

So, the remarkable multi-talented Tomlin, will be appearing on stage at The Orleans (Las Vegas) June 18th - June 19th (this weekend).

I met Lily at a Film Festival a few years ago in Culver City and found the woman to be warm, outgoing, and gracious.

Expect a lot of the same on the occasion of her two-night concert (which will probably sell-out).

See 'ya there!