Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Miss USA...to be crowned in Vegas this week! Rima Fakih a party animal!

A bevy of bodacious babes have been sashaying around "Sin City" with one precious goal in mind.

Why, to snatch up the coveted crown for Miss USA, in a glitzy celebration slated to be launched at Planet Hollywood's tony environs on the weekend!

In fact, since this year's hopefuls first paraded on the star-studded red carpet a week ago (there are 51 contestants in all), the competition has been sizzling hot 'n heavy!

The young beauties have not only been anxiously posing for official high-fashion photographs - but also- dashing off to wardrobe fittings, in addition to indulging in whimsical hair and makeup sessions.

For those hankering to get a gander at the finalists, cruise on over to Miss USA.com, to get an up-close look at the swimsuit publicity stills.

Sarah Chapman, Miss Nevada USA, is featured in her Kandy Wrappers bikini!

Although reigning Miss USA (Rima Fakih) has lamented to the press in recent days that handlers behind-the-scenes at the pageant have unfairly scolded her for being too much of a "party animal", the last word is that the exotic darling will teach a belly-dance class poolside at the end of fast-paced kick-off week.

Then, Fakih will end her reign with a perfect send-off from illusionist Nathan Burton.

According to insiders, the magician will levitate the current Miss USA 10 feet above a waterfall at the trendy "in" spot where the festivities are expected to unfold to a packed house.

If the scuttlebutt is true, the organization - and all its hard-working employees - are praying Rima will simply vanish into thin air!

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