Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Motley Crue...slated for gig @ Red Rock in Vegas! New York Dolls opening act!

On one of the morning talk shows recently, Vince Neil was quite ecstatic about an upcoming gig at the Red Rock Amphitheatre on June 18th in the desert oasis.

According to the effervescent musician, trotting out on stage to perform live is still a huge adrenalin rush!

After all, the kid's not jaded, folks!

Last year, I caught a concert he tossed in tandem with the grand opening of a tattoo parlour at one of the local Hotel Resorts just off the Vegas strip.

I tell 'ya - the dude can not only still kick ass on stage - but thrill fans as well as the rock 'n roll elite!

At the Red Rock, Mr. Neil will reunited with former band members - Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx, and the legendary Tommy Lee - and is expected to wow once again.

A fan or two will be delighted to hear that Tommy Lee intends to invite one or two lucky ticket-holders up onto the stage to participate in his "roller coaster" drum ride!

At a recent press junket, Lee excitedly noted that at one point in the show, his kit will be lifted off the ground and spin at a full 360 degrees as he wildly plays 'em.

Can't wait, can you?

By the by, the New York Dolls are booked to warm up Motley Crue when the curtain goes up.

Back in the 1970's, I used to bump into "David Doll" around town in those heady days when the music subculture was thriving in the lower east side.

When it came to a sexy "front man" - the androgynous David Doll - was totally "it".

His wardrobe was the envy of David Bowie, just betcha!

It will be curious to get a gander at the New York Dolls a dozen-or-two years later in Vegas.

See 'ya there!