Friday, June 3, 2011

Nate' no-no! Big "O's" protege boobs big time!

Nate - that irresistible little cutie that Oprah signed on to host a "Decorating Show" on the OWN Network - screwed up big time yesterday!

The "out" young decorator - who is usually the epitome of style and grace - appeared in a segment this week that definitely underscored that the lad either needs a new fashion advisor or a full-length mirror to ensure that he gets it "right" next time he appears on Broadcast TV.

When it comes to avoiding a fashion disaster that is!

For example, in a segment yesterday, Nate sported a tasteful grey sport
coat, and teamed it with elegant black dress slacks, squeaky-clean white dress shirt, black tie, and - OMG - brown shoes!

Is Nate color-blind, do 'ya think?

Black, wine-colored, or grey shoes would have been preferable!

Although the "top half" was A-okay in my estimation (don't call the Fashion Police on that part of the ensemble, please!) the choice of footwear appeared to be a careless afterthought.

When you consider that his pocket handkerchief was neatly folded - in a line across the breast pocket - it causes one to wonder.

What gives?

For sure, he's headed for my - "Worst-Dressed" list - unless he starts paying attention to his feet!

And you thought Dave Letterman was a bad boy for wearing white socks with dark shoes and a snappy black dress suit!

News at 11!