Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sahara Hotel...Nostalgia sale! Everything must go! Including the kitchen sink!

Shortly after the elaborate lobby of the Sahara Hotel shut down - and management took inventory - a spokesperson for the legendary Hotel (where Elvis, the Beatles, and a host of other notables either graced the stage or passed-out on the comfy beds in the well-appointed suites too pooped to participate) announced that the business entity which controlled the assets would be selling-off all the contents of the once-sumptuous lodgings.


The Sahara Hotel is holding a "nostalgia sale".

"Everything must go," the owners noted yesterday to the media, in no uncertain terms.

Except for the "roller-coaster" - out front - which stays.

Starting tomorrow, the Sahara will toss open its doors - at $10.00 a pop - and allow serious buyers (lookie-loos, too) to browse for keepsakes.

And, what a treasure trove that will be!

"I'd like one of those Elvis publicity stills that has  been gracing the wall for years," one fan gushed to a reporter who was there to take stock of the inventory.

A few former guests are bent on snapping up the "Camel" table lamps which once rested on each nightstand in all the suites at the Sahara until renovations a few years ago which transformed the overall "look" of the Vegas digs.

A life-size camel is also going on the chopping block ($12,000.00) alongside slot machines, gaming tables, and even the kitchen sink!

Unfortunately, collectors - and sentimental locals - won't be able to take a gander at the offerings online before the items start flying out the front door.

All interested parties must pay the entrance fee up-front at the lobby doors to get a glance at the unique collectibles.

"It's first-come, first-served," underscored the Hotel employee with a tinge of melancholy in his voice.

The "yard sale" kicks off tomorrow bright-and-early (if I am not mistaken).

Check with the Hotel staff for details.

See 'ya there!