Friday, June 10, 2011

Sarah Ferguson...snake-oil saleswoman Oprah Winfrey manipulates Duchess!

On the heels of crying the blues - and hitting the high-energy talk-show circuit to plug her spanking-new "docu-series" (Finding Sarah) - the latest chapter of Sarah Ferguson's sorry saga spewed out over the broadcast airwaves to titillate the country once again this past week.

Has the woman no shame?

Well, if 'ya ask me, Oprah Winfrey - who made a gracious exit from network television last week - is largely to blame for the tawdry fiasco!

In fact, once the "Sarah and Oprah" interview aired yesterday - to launch the much-ballyhooed "tell-all" - it was quite evident to me that Big "O" is nothing more than a clever snake-oil-saleswoman out to rustle up controversy, boost ratings, and selfishly tout her dubious bill-of-fare at the OWN network.

For example, when Sarah Ferguson was caught red-handed influence-peddling last year in an undercover sting, the cast-out Royal fessed up that she fell victim to the temptation because - she was not only "broke" - but had also hit rock-bottom emotionally.

At this juncture, Oprah - who claimed to be a "good friend" - entered into discussions with Sarah about the development of a vehicle aimed at rehabilitating Ferguson's image in the public eye on the OWN Network.

"Why not a series on cooking," Sarah allegedly suggested to her pal, as she struggled to swallow her pride in a desperate hour of need.

Personally, I believe that the idea for the culinary show was an excellent way to go, for a couple of reasons.

For starters, it would have brought much-needed funds into the coffers - and thus - provided the wherewithal for the former Duchess of York to support herself and her children.

In addition, the cooking spot would have slowly restored Sarah's flaky image to the public-at-large around this country and across the big pond.

Mission: Accomplished!

But, for some inexplicable reason, Oprah elected to offer up a show that would "toss a spotlight" on Sarah's lack of good judgment and fall from Grace in the past.

More scurrilous, perhaps, was Oprah's deceitful decision to draw on the professional assistance of two network personalities (Dr. Phil, for one) she has been vigorously promoting - in what amounts to - a "spotty" television schedule (full of holes).

Oprah's conduct was (and is) particularly outrageous when you consider one obvious fact.

Near the end of the interview, after playing back tapes of the upcoming segments of "Finding Sarah", Oprah actually concludes to Sarah (and her viewing audience) that Prince Andrew's former spouse essentially got into trouble because she was too vulnerable and too trusting.

"So, people were able to take advantage of you," Oprah summarized in so many words.

Ironic, that!

In the final analysis, Oprah Winfrey was guilty of the same cruel and unusual outrageous conduct.

If Oprah really cared about Sarah (some friend!) she would have signed on the flaming red-headed beauty for a cooking show.

Instead, she elected to manipulate Ms. Ferguson into a reality-based docu-series about a tawdry scandal from the past, in order to boost her ratings, and also promote Dr. Phil (and a money guru she's also pushing) on her fledgling network.

In sum, Oprah is just another shark, circling the treacherous waters for innocent prey.

Does Big "O" think we were all born yesterday?

Talk about disreputable conduct!

Shame on you, Oprah.

"Finding Sarah" broadcasts on June 12th (2011).

You be the judge!

Fairy Tale crumbled under glare of spotlight!