Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sarah Palin...Kingmaker or troublemaker? New Hampshire stomp well-received!

Was it a coincidence that Sarah Palin stomped in New Hampshire today on the heels of the intriguing news that Mitt Romney (Mr. Megabucks) is making a bid for President in the upcoming election?

"No way," according to the pundits!

In fact, in view of the great reception Ms. Palin received today with her horse & pony show back east, political analysts are already speculating that the former Ice Queen from Alaska is currently testing the waters to fathom whether her growing popularity is sufficient to springboard her into the spotlight once again.

In a nutshell?

Although Palin is adamant that she is just a "voice" right now, articulating the rage of the American people, supporters on the sidelines are hinting that the feisty upstart will - most assuredly - take a run at the White House once again.

All the other scuttlebutt is simply a smokescreen!

But, she's a one-trick pony, in the final analysis.

At this juncture, it is a given, that the scandal-ridden Palin is either Kingmaker or troublemaker.

"Anyone expecting to run on the ticket will need a Palin endorsement," some are predicting on the highways and broadcast airwaves of the Nation.

The truth of the matter?

If Ms. Palin runs for President, it is doubtful she will win.

Too much baggage, in my opinion!

In her heart-of-heart she knows that!

The best Palin can hope for is place in the sun next to the newly-anointed "King".


 Will Romney get thumbs up from Sarah Palin?