Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shrek, New Zealand Goat reportedly dies

Shrek's famous goat in New Zealand suddenly died. Suddenly it makes a New Zealand citizen in mourning.

Shrek is known for his skills to escape the shaver over the years.

Shrek became known in 2004, during the six years he managed to escape from shearing wool and hiding in caves in the South Island.

At the time of shearing, which aired on television this clever sheep had managed to reduce its weight of 27kg.

16-year-old sheep is a career that shot, he had met with Prime Minister Helen Clark, became the title for a children's book and also always invited to the charity raiser.

Shrek The owner, John Perriam, said that the old sheep finally have a lot to be rested because it is always sick because of the age at dusk.

Shrek the shorn fleece was eventually donated and raised funds of $ 150 thousand. The funds donated for the treatment of children.

As reported by the BBC on Wednesday (08/06/2011), local government plans to create a statue for Shrek, while the owner also intends to create a bronze statue to pet them. (okezone)