Monday, June 13, 2011

Tony Awards...Book of Mormon sweep! "Show Tunes not just for gays" quips Neil Patrick Harris!

If you're a macho dude - inclined to whistle show tunes in the shower - don't worry about being a closet homo!

According to Neil Patrick Harris - by way of a show-topping musical sketch on an annual award-show last night - the "Tony" celebrations (and Broadway musicals) are not just for gays!

Notwithstanding - judging by the number of actors (and other creative types working behind-the-scenes on the theatrical front) who thanked their male lovers last night for standing behind them (!) - there are obviously a handful of performers in the biz who are definitely light in the loafers.

Bottom line?

In today's open-minded "sexually-liberated" society, who cares, eh?

Meanwhile, the cast of the "BOOK OF MORMON" were ecstatic over their big sweep last night.

The original musical nabbed 9 Tony Awards which included nods from the American Theatre Wing for the "Best Musical", "Best Book", and "Best Direction".

At the near-close of the night's festivities, Chris Rock mused that the prize for "The Book of Mormon" (created by the talented team at South Park) was a given.

"It's kind-of-like dating a hooker. At the end of the night, you know you're going to get laid," he quipped, as the rapt audience roared with gales of laughter.

"War Horse" - a project where the actors facilitated puppets (and a dollop or two of dazzling special effects) to weave a captivating tale for the stage - also walked away with a fistful of coveted statues.

Revivals also fared well this year at the Tony Awards.

"The Normal Heart", for example, scored with 3 nods.

There were a number of highlights throughout the entertaining two-hour broadcast worth mentioning as well.

A sketch with Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris - where the two actors scrambled to best each other on stage with the help of a handful of memorable hits from successful Broadway Musicals of the past - was a stand-out segment featuring some of the best one-liners of the night.

In one pensive moment, Bono took the stage to promote the musical - Spiderman - which he penned music for.

"How come there weren't any nominations for Spidey," he wondered aloud, as the theatre rippled with spontaneous laughter below the floodlights.

"We didn't make the entry deadline," his partner-in-crime fessed up without blinking-an-eye.

"Well, I feel humbled to be here, anyway" Bono quipped.

"You do humble, well," his pal shot back.

Actually, a ballad from the show that was performed on stage a short while later, showed a lot of potential.

I expect that if top-notch performers record the tune - with the Pop Charts in mind - that it will soar to great success (especially in respect to sales).

The night was not without mishap, though.

At one point, Brook Shields - who looked stunning by the way - tripped over her words at the podium.

"Although I do eight shows a week on stage live, no problem, I can't read a teleprompter," she giggled.

Then, there was a slip of the tongue - at which point - the Network stepped in.

"OMG," Shields exclaimed in so many words (as she covered her mouth in shock), "I guess I'm going to be bleeped!"

One nominee darted up to the stage when her named was announced and attempted to offer up an appropriate heartfelt speech.

But, the "Best Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical" - Nikki M. James - ended up stumbling for words as she became overcome with emotion.

"I was going to write a speech in the event I won, but I felt so silly," James confided to the sympathetic audience.

Things got a lot worse when the orchestra struck up a cue signalling her designated time on stage was up.

But, the rising star was quite adamant about her intentions, which went totally against the grain.

"I'm not getting off the stage," she lamented.

Ah, what followed, was so painful to watch.


Where is the hook when you truly need it?

By the by, when Paul Shaffer appeared on stage to introduce the cast of "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", the audience went wild when the performers broke into song.

"It's Raining Men," they belted out loudly, as they strutted across the stage in wild fanciful outfits that delighted the packed house.

What an adrenalin rush!

Personally, I thought that one of the creative forces behind the "BOOK OF MORMON" was the best-dressed male in the room.

The handsome dude boldly teamed a black sparkly dress shirt (featuring a high collar) with a dark suit and dress shoes.

A fashion plate, alright.

In contrast, Tyne Daly sauntered out in what appeared to be an old bargain-basement curtain held together with a few unsightly bandages that criss-crossed her flabby silhouette.

Where were the Fashion Police when 'ya needed 'em?

On the other hand, Christie Brinkley dazzled in a low-cut pristine blue frock, which suited her to a "t".

Her bubbly charismatic on-stage persona spoke volumes and literally lit up the room!

"Anything Goes" - a perennial favorite - also won a couple of trinkets not surprisingly.

Unfortunately, Daniel Radcliffe sadly proved that he is not a triple threat.


The kid can act and dance - just swell - but the truth of the matter is that he lacks a stage voice (when it comes to belting out tunes, that is).

Radcliffe's warbling was breathy, weak, and not very impressive.

Stick to the fantasy flicks (or return engagements of Equus) eh, Daniel?

Otherwise, a good night was had by all.

Til next year!